Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & Monster Seal Review (PS Vita)

Developer: Sting Entertainment
Publisher: ATLUS
Platform: (PS VITA)
Release Date: August 18, 2015
MSRP: $39.99

Disclosure: 43 hours were played in single-player and this game wasn’t completed.

Dungeon Travelers 2 is a scantily-clad anime girl dungeon crawler that is full of surprises. It’s a dungeon crawler that holds up to other games of the genre, such as Etrian Odyssey, yet still has enough twists to keep the formula fresh and exciting.

You control the character Libra, whom gives the orders to the squad of ladies you meet throughout the game and control. He wields a book which is able to seal the monsters inside of. Out of the many available ladies whom are available to choose from, your squad only consists of five of them and you’ll get to traverse the world (dungeons, really) of Dungeon Travelers 2 and solve it’s problems.

The gameplay is fairly standard for dungeon crawlers – a turn-based combat system in which dungeons are explored through first person. Outside of the typical gameplay mechanics, though, there are a few twists which lend to the freshness of the game.

The magic system, in particular, makes you plan ahead as interrupting enemy spells as well as making sure you’re able to get your own spells off before they interrupt yours is an integral part of play, as spells are very powerful and can lead to instant party-wipes. With pieces of armor auto-regenerating health and MP, certain characters gaining regenerative abilities as well, it frees the player of worrying about health potions like in other similar dungeon-crawler-esque games.

The narrative of the game isn’t particularly interesting, as it’s fairly…generic, but the characters are enjoyable and the dialogue is mediocre at best. The only redeeming quality of the dialogue of the game is that whilst dungeon crawling, there are bits of paused gameplay in which there are unexpected comments being said or some fairly funny bits of dialogue between party members which takes the droll of constantly running around a dungeon fairly lively.

The grind of the game is fairly fresh, as you’re able to reset your levels and re-spec (at the cost of 4 levels worth of experience), but the boss battles become fairly difficult mainly because that the number of characters you’ll have at your disposal, but it makes it easy for you to make a team that doesn’t have the necessary skills necessary to beat a boss, making it difficult to progress.

Overall, Dungeon Travelers 2 feels like an old-school dungeon crawler, as the hustle & bustle of hitting the next level to triumph over the bosses gives a terrific feeling of nostalgia. Throw this in with the twists this game provides, and you’ve got yourself a solid dungeon crawling game for the Vita.


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