Win A Copy Of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition Playstation Insider is giving you the chance to win a FREE copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition. All you have to do is be a fan of Playstation Insider. There are multiple ways to enter, each method gives 1 entry point! Best of all, if you are already a fan of Playstation Insider on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you are automatically added to the contest (You still have to comment in this post to confirm entry). Here are the ways to enter:

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how to take aciphex 20mg After you have completed at least one of the above mentioned entry methods, leave a comment in this thread telling us which class you are excited to play in Destiny. All entries will be checked and verified before the winner is selected. Good Luck!

The contest will end on 09/08/15. This is a week before the game launches. We will select the winner and ship the game via next day shipping so you receive the title on day 1! Winner will receive their choice of PS4, PS3, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 version.

buy Lyrica medication CONGRATS WINNERS! (We gave away two copies of the game due to an error on our side. One winner has been selected, contacted, and digital game has been sent. We are still waiting on the second winner to respond to our email)

  1. Jacob Reed (Entry 285)
  2. Brianna Walker (Entry 103) (Email has been sent)
Marc Villa
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  • swipe1

    awesome giveaway! I follow you on twitter, so there’s my one entry.


  • bjaigorgor

    titan to overpower all


  • adam jupiter

    I am excited to play as my Titan with that new sub-class action. Yes!

  • 8bitdad

    Awesome! I am looking forward to the next phase for the Hunter.

  • marvin leung

    i want to play the warlock storm-caller more range to the melee = across the map melees

  • Damien Lee

    I definitely wanna try out the bow on my hunter

  • Alex Cleven

    Lookin forward to warlock lightning “jazz” hands lol.

  • Chad Johnson

    I followed on Twitter, and Google plus. +2 entries. I really hope I win! Thanks PlayStation insider. I will write an article to promote for our magazine and website.

  • Paul Robinson

    I can’t wait to start launching the titan sunbreaker hammer around!!! Looks like it’s going to be fun

  • Noah Reynolds

    Stormcaller ftw!

  • Charlie Cianciolo

    I am excited to play as a titan with new powers! Taken king might bring me back to destiny

  • Ty Cross

    So ready for void hunter skill set!

  • Errol Edric Dee

    at first I was disappointed that a hunter would have a support role, but after seeing the videos, I am niya excited to play as the new void hunter!

  • Errol Edric Dee

    at first I was disappointed that a hunter would have a support role, but after seeing the videos, I am niya excited to play as the void hunter!

  • Errol Edric Dee

    at first I was disappointed that a hunter would have a support role, but after seeing the videos, I am now excited to play as the new void hunter!

  • KGS

    The new Warlock Storm Caller sub class.

  • Patrick Wollschlager

    I am excited to play all the subclasses cause I have been wanting a Void class for my hunter and an arc class for my warlock. The titan hammer looks super bad ass. Im actually going to drop the other subclasses for the hunter just for this subclass

  • Saku

    i followed on twitter and google plus and liked on facebook 🙂

  • Rob Hestar

    all 4 done! 🙂

  • Karl Besser

    Did all but Google plus! Excited to play as a titian!

  • Aenur

    Warlock looks the most interesting to me, haven’t tried the game yet,

  • t0n4

    I followed on Facebook,Twitter, and Google+. Ready for the new Hunter’s Void SubClass

  • Marc Gowland

    Any of the classes, cos that’s how I roll…..

  • JAgamer

    I followed on Twitter and liked your Facebook. I’m excited to play the Warlock’s new subclass, Stormcaller!

  • Andrew

    I followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. I look forward to playing on the new Hunter Sub-Class.


  • I did all but instagram .I am looking forward to picking the game up again and exploring the new hunter and warlock subclasses. I could never get on with the titan.

  • Randy Liu


  • tokyostomp

    Titan subclass for sure but likely i’ll play them all!

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  • Peter

    Love destiny

  • CinematicSky

    Entered on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I’m excited to play as Titan because I am not very good at fancy magic or anything like that, I am good at getting into a game and just punching everything.

  • Justin

    Followed on Twitter, Google +, Instagram and liked on Facebook. I’m excited to see the new titan subclasses.

  • The_Gazra

    Followed on all the above thanks for the chance guys. I really want to play destiny but never had the money to purchase it. Fingers crossed at least 😀

  • Dexter Johnson

    Followed on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Thanks for the giveaway! Looking forward to the Titan the most as that’s my main, going to try levelling a Hunter ready for the expansion 🙂

  • Peter Buderus

    Following on FB and Twitter. I’d love to take my warlock through ALL THAT DLC! Thanks in advance for choosing me.

  • yusuf chopdat

    let me win lol

  • sirdan357

    Liked on Facebook – Devin Gschwend

  • Joshua Avila

    Did all but Twitch as I couldn’t find it for some reason. Excited to play as a Titan

  • Gram

    Most excited for the hunter. Followed on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Bradley Craig

    Looking forward to playing the new warlock subclass.

  • mixmastar0b

    Followed everything and im excited to use my hunter since i mostly play with him and his my only level 34 right now

  • Seth Harrison

    I’m excited for the new hunter sub-class hopefully I win I followed on twitch, twitter, Google+, Instagram and liked on Facebook thanks +5 entry’s

  • Commandoalpha

    Looking forward to…Titan and Hunter

  • Rik Ferreira

    Followed everything 😉

  • brandon

    i did facebook, twitter and instagram. Warlock all the way!

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    Followed on everything. I only have a Warlock and a Titan, but I think I’m way better with the Titan class than Warlock.

  • Роман Золочевский

    Followed everything

  • Bobby Venomous

    Liked on FB and Twitter as @BobVenom

  • Bobby Bonilla

    Definitely Titan and I followed on everything. jdtb27 (Facebook), IcarusFlyght (Twitter), DangerousDuckDaniels (Intsagram), Bobby Bonilla (google+) and mrmeeseeks (Twitch)

  • Joseph Gonzalez

    Titan class for me ^_^

  • Entry-fied—looking forward to lightning magic! Following on Twitch as SgtPiddles.

  • Леонид Таркин

    liked on facebook

  • Ian

    followed. @iansarria on twitter

  • Tyler Griffith

    Followed and Liked on every everything but Twitch thanks for the contest!

  • Rory Heflin

    Followed on all. Warlock is my main class but i like them all. Warlock with the force lighting.

  • Brian S

    Titan for the win!

  • FB & Twitter follows here. Warlock Sub, all the way. 🙂

  • Clarke

    I followed on Twitter and Google+. Fingers crossed!

  • A Parker

    Did everything I think 🙂
    Twitter/Instagram/Twitch/G+: DontudgeMyADD (+4)
    FB: Al Parker (+1)

    And I’m sticking with my Hunter, I’m not the highest level player out there, but I like being able to be a stealth medic when my team needs me in a strike or raid 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway, I can’t wait for more Destiny when we get another expansion. Cheers!

  • Brian

    Followed on facebook, twitter, instagram, google +, and twitch. I wanna play all the classes to be honest. I like warlock because of the feel of being a warlock, I wanna play hunter to actually support in PvE, and I wanna play titan so that I can be a flaming thor ;O

  • Chibi Zoe

    I’m following on Facebook and Twitter. Warlocks all the way, baby!

  • Liked/followed everything except Google+. Definitely Titan! 😀


  • Jason Mack

    hunter all the way. followed on twitter, liked on Facebook, added to google+

  • Shy Dino

    Definitly TITAN! I Followed on everything except for Instagram cause I do not have one!

    @_shydino – twitter

  • kinsie21

    Liked on Facebook and following on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Twitch. The hunter class looks like the most fun.

  • mowmow

    I wan to be a warlock for this expansion
    facebook: C Lau
    G+ C Lau

  • Matt

    I follow on Twitter @_M317 and i cant wait to play as the Titan sub-class

  • ArchTenshi

    Warlock pwning.

  • shotoga

    @shotoga twitter instagram and facebook

  • Yoyoyoyowhatup

    Nightstalker for sure
    Did fb, twitter, insta, and g+

  • droideka2000

    Looking forward to TTK. Looking to play the Titan Solar Sunbreaker. Hope I win!!!

  • Dylan

    Did everything. Gonna play as Warlock.

  • Steven Warzyn

    Warlock FTW

  • Paranor

    New Warlock Sub-Class

  • Sic62

    The Warlock one!

  • Cong Nguyen

    I am excited to play the warlock subclass.

  • Lani

    Followed on Twitter, Instagram and Google+. I can’t wait to play the Warrier subclass 🙂


    • William Howard

      Followed on googl+ and Facebook. And I actually can’t wait to play all three new subclasses.

  • zadthemat

    Can’t wait for the titan class! It’s going to
    be hammer time!

  • Michael Handrahan


  • Leon Durham

    I want to play Titan.
    I follow on Twitter @lmd1974

  • Nathan Fisher

    Done with my usernames to everything!
    Like us on Facebook-
    Follow us on Twitter-natiredgals
    Follow us on Instagram-natiredgals
    Follow us on Google+-natiredgals
    Follow us on Twitch-Natiredgals
    Also followed on YouTube.
    Currently only have a Titan so that’s what I can’t wait for to bust a move!

  • Alex

    I always have a great deal of trouble when making these initial decisions (in this case, picking a Destiny class before I even own the game), although with what I’ve seen thus far I’m rather intrigued to give the Hunter a shot. – Followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Twitch.

    • Alex

      Oh, and then there’s the sub classes, which’ll be a whole other beast to decide on… (as in make informed decisions early on as to what path I’ll likely want to take…)

  • Doug

    Facebook Doug M, Twitter-Demanofsteel, Insta-Demanofsteel Google+Doug M.
    Hunter all day

  • Alfredo Beltran

    The hype is real. Darth Warlock all the way.
    Followed on Twitter: @lobodelpuente

  • Charles

    new Titan sub-class.

  • Pedro Jeller

    The new Hunter Sub-Class.

  • Aeryn Sun

    While I most look forward to the Hunter, I plan on playing through every race and class. (I just wish we could designate each character with their own names.) I followed on Twitter and Twitch via @Melmione, and I would desperately love a copy of this to play with friends!

  • bioadam

    The Warlock is my main so bring on the Stormbringer!

  • Ivan Rodriguez Jr.

    Looking forward to trying out the new titan class

  • Justin Fencsak


  • I love playing warlocks!

  • Patrick Simpson

    I have followed on Facebook and Google+
    I am looking forward to the next hunter class.

  • Hector Torres

    I followed on facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, and twitch, can’t wait to play the sunbreaker titan class!!!

  • DeAlan Safanda

    I did all. I am ready for the Nightstalker

  • galactic 6

    Stormbringer all the way!!

  • galactic 6

    I followed on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Stormbringer all the way!!

  • Chris Kroll

    I am ready to set the whole solar system on fire with the sunbreaker’s bad ass hammer crushing any in my path. but then again…watching my foes getting blasted by lightning just puts a fat grin on my face. Its a toss up. I’ll probably flip a coin!

    Cheers playstation insider!!!

  • Eman

    I just liked on Facebook, followed on Twitter, Google+, and Twitch so I hope I can win! I can’t wait to play the new Titan Sunbreaker subclass!!!

  • Lennert Evens

    i liked on facebook and followed on twitter, instagram, google and twitch i really hope i could win

  • Jerry

    Followed and liked

  • CrownPhan

    I cannot wait to play the new Hunter class! I submitted an entry on Facebook, twitter and instagram. Cheers!

  • Dren Guild

    FB Twitter Google+ Hunter nightstalker

  • Luis Gomez Buitron

    I liked on Facebook, followed on Twitter, Google+, and the choice is Storm Caller. Better to begin a rain dance to get in the mood 🙂

  • Zach Horne

    google+ (i dont have anything else) definitly the stormcaller

  • Chris Sterling

    Stormcaller looks awesome.

  • Dylan

    I need this!!! Lol

  • khmer

    Followed on all 5.


  • Bruce Mckeighen

    Im exited for the new hunter subclass,

  • Bruce Mckeighen

    I look forward to the new sub hunter class

  • TheDonkey


  • James Howell

    I followed on Facebook, instagram, Google plus and twitch! Would love to win Destiny the taken king! Really looking forward to playing the new warlock sub-class storm-caller looks amazing!

  • Alex Chavers

    I followed on twitter,twitch,and google +. Im uber exited for the stormcaller warlock class. #WarlockMasterRace

  • tippsy09

    I followed on Twitter! Don’t have the others, sorry.

  • Troy Stearns

    I followed all that was an option. I cannot wait to play as the new Hunter sub-class, the Nightstalker. It’s going to be awesome use a void bow and arrow.

  • Quin ‘Phyrosite’

    warlock is lookin nic

  • Brandon J Borg

    Followed all but twitter, Cant wait to use the Titan Sub-Class Sunbreaker look awsome!

  • dwipplo Gaming Content


  • Drew Morgan

    I followed in Google Plus

  • Garry Lee

    Hunter all the way!

  • Zach Horne

    when will the winner be announced

  • William Howard

    Soo…no updates on contest winner

  • Zach Horne