Vote to Play Coming Soon to PS4


A new PlayStation Plus promotion called Vote to Play has officially been announced!  This feature is coming to PS4 and will allow you to actually vote for which game will be free in the Instant Game Collection in the upcoming month. You will have the chance to select from a number of games and cast your vote.  This is a pretty cool promotion that puts the power into the gamer’s hands and further drives home the fact that PlayStation is truly “For the Players”. To be clear, you have to be a PlayStation Plus member to participate in the vote so if you are not a member you may want to consider joining the club.

Official details of how you will be able to cast your vote and when this promotion will actually launch will be revealed at a later date. For now we are excited to see what comes of this and looking forward to the possibilities.  What do you think about this promotion?  Let us know in the comments!

Nick Edward
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