Pneuma: Breath of Life Review (PS4)

Pneuma: Breath of Life, a first-person puzzle game originally for the Xbox One and PC,  is now a Playstation 4 title. I got some time to check it out and these are my thoughts on my time playing the game.

One of the first things that stands out is just how beautifully designed the game is, with wonderfully vibrant and detailed environments that you get to explore and solve puzzles in. The graphical quality is truly amazing and, aside from wanting to get to the next puzzle , I wanted to move onto the next room, to see more of the world that had been created. During my time playing, I didn’t notice any bad textures or graphic issues. The audio quality is nice and mellow, which made my puzzle cracking experience even more enjoyable.

The core of the puzzle solving revolves around perspective, seeing and solving the puzzle, in most cases, just by looking the right way for the right amount of time. Some of the puzzles even involve manipulating the environment to get the solution whereas some require you to look away from the creepy eye that opens doors. Some puzzles are hard, some not as much and some make you feel dumb on how much time you spend on them. Perspective really is everything, I guess.

That’s all there is to the gameplay aspect of the Pneuma: Breath of Life. But where this piece really stands out is the monologue of Pneuma. Self-centered and self-absorbed, the character is the best thing about this game in my opinion. His commentary throughout the game made me laugh and made the game more fun (puzzle games aren’t really my thing). I’ve never heard a character who literally believed the world revolved around him. The titular character and his monologue throughout the game are both hilarious and amazing.

For the price tag, the game does a pretty good job at creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere while you solve its many puzzles. And with Pneuma’s monologue, it’s even more fun to play.

Joseph Dent III
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