PlayStation Network Should Be Back Online

PlayStation services underwent maintenance on July 2nd in order to fix some external factors that were affecting download speed and online gameplay. Even though the maintenance lasted less than 2 hours, users still encountered issues when trying to sign into their PSN accounts. Unfortunately, PSN went down briefly today because of further problems with account management, online play, PlayStation Video, and the PlayStation Store. This affected both PS3 and PS4 owners.

Services went live again around 3:45 p.m. PT with only minor hiccups.

Matt Young
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  • Yohan KillSwitch

    Funny I never had any issues at all. Must have been isolated.

    • dudleyP

      Same. I didn’t have any issues with the PS4 or Vita.

    • SmashPro

      The issues began in Europe. Might not have affected other regions.