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visit So I played Guns Up recently and so far so good. Guns Up is a Free 2 Play strategy game coming soon to PS4. I had the pleasure of playing the game for a few hours and was surprised at how much I got into it, especially since I don’t normally play strategy games. As in most games, it starts you out with a tutorial that gives you the basics on how to play and what the objectives in the game will be like. The tutorial was short but gave me enough information so that I knew what I needed to do. In Guns Up you have control over various classes of army troops who each serve an important purpose on the battlefield. I made it a point to examine each class and I noticed that you can only unlock certain classes (mainly the higher level ones) once you reach a certain level. You also need enough munitions (which is the currency in the game) to unlock them. The classes range from Grunts, which are the weakest to heavies like the Grenade Launcher class. These troops will serve as your instrument of war as your objective is to decimate all enemy troops and destroy the enemy base.

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buy real modafinil online One of the first things I did was start a mission to overtake an enemy base. The size of your troop start off small but it looks like you can have up to 15 on the field at a time. However, you will need to earn munitions so that you can call on more troops to be deployed into the battlefield. The type of troops that you can deploy depends on how many munitions you accumulate as the more skilled troops will cost you more. I found myself spending a lot of munitions in battle to replace my fallen soldiers quickly because if all your troops die, it’s game over. Luckily it is not hard to earn munitions, you just have to get some kills that’s all. As you guide your troops on the battlefield you will encounter enemy troops that will try to stop your progress by killing you off with assault rifles, RPGs, grenades and anything else they can throw at you. The game will give you perks on the battlefield as you get a certain amount of kills that will help even the odds. Perks range from tear gas, aerial bombs, and even a decoy that you can place near a group of enemy troops that will serve as a reliable distraction while your men easily pick them off. You definitely have to use your perks and munitions wisely because if you run out too soon you will not have enough to face the tougher enemies that you will encounter as you get deeper into the battle. I ran into this problem on several occasions as I was using my perks up faster than I could earn them. I enjoyed this aspect of the game. It forces you to use your resources wisely and causes you to be patient and think before you act. Through trial and error I learned this and was able to make it to the enemy base which was not tough to take down, a couple of grenades launchers, some assault rifle fire and she went down nice and easy. Victory was mine!

The next thing I did was check out the customization and upgrade options that were available. I saw that you could customize you troop’s appearance so I went with my favorite colors – blue and green. Now we were ready to go to war in style! Then I checked out my base and found out that you can upgrade your base to make it harder for the enemy to invade and destroy. I was able to put up traps along the path leading to my base as well as set up sandbags all over the area for my troops to have something to take cover behind as well as set up barbed wire in random places to slow down the enemy. Munitions are needed to buy these materials and you are limited to only being able to have a certain amount in stock. Last but not least I was introduced to the multiplayer aspect of the game as my base was attacked while I was away by random players. My base fell at their hands because it was not upgraded enough to withstand the onslaught. This is very interesting and I made it a point to exact revenge by attacking and destroying their base! Each time I was able to get a victory I earned more munitions, my level went up, and my base camp’s defense went up as well. I felt accomplished! I am looking forward to playing more of this title when the final version is finally released.

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