Gamestop Is Selling A “Supercharged” PS4 With 2TB Storage

buy Lyrica generic Looking to buy a “supercharged” PS4? Don’t worry, Gamestop has your back! Right now you can get a refurbished PS4 system with 2TB of storage. The console will set you back $479.99 but you will be getting a Premium Gamestop refurbished console with an upgraded 2TB HDD. Our sources have informed us that this “refurbished” PS4 is nothing more than a brand new PS4 that has been opened and had the hard drive replaced with a 2TB HDD. This makes sense since there isn’t an official “2TB” PS4 model available yet. You can purchase this PS4é-Philippe-Gagnon-Adisq-1985(F_uynHvJpIA) here

Marc Villa
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