Destiny Update 2.0 Launches Alongside The Taken King, Brings Huge Changes To Quests

Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith stated that Destiny update 2.0 will launch alongside the release of The Taken King. With this update comes numerous changes, even changes to Year One content in Destiny. Luke Smith broke down some of the content changes we can expect in Destiny update 2.0 and The Taken King. Destiny: The Taken King is scheduled to release on September 15 2015 for the PS4 and PS3.

Luke: Hey everyone,

In the coming weeks and months, we’re going to be using this space to look at some of the big changes coming in Destiny: The Taken King this Fall.

The first of these global changes we’re going to talk about is how we’re approaching Quests in Year Two.

In Year One, Exotic Bounty Chains (like Thorn and Bad Juju) ended up being something players really enjoyed (although the struggle to get Void Kills in Crucible was real). These Bounties took you on a journey through multiple activities — which in the best cases had flashes of unique moments — and ended with rewards players cared about. In many ways, these were the earliest tendrils of how we’d come to think about Quests in Destiny. Quests are an arrangement of activities and challenges that tell a story and represent a journey for the player.

We want Destiny to provide more experiences like that.
Like the quest in The Taken King that has you construct your [REDACTED] or when you’ve found [REDACTED REDACTED] and can finish [REDACTED].

The implementation of Quests and Bounties in Year One was a foundation, but it was clear to us and the community that it was an area for improvement, especially if we wanted to rely on questing even more in Year Two.

The Taken King was built with Quests in mind, but we didn’t want to ignore the Year One content in this global change. So as a part of this update, we’ve taken all Destiny content and – for lack of a better term – “questified” it.

Quests Page Highlights: 
  • We’re increasing the number of Bounties players can carry
  • Both Quests and Bounty slots will be tracked in the HUD
  • Completed Bounties will be turned in from the Quests screen
  • Reputations will be moved from Inventory to the Quests page

Source: Bungie

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