All You Need to Know About Splatoon’s August 6th Update

buy pfizer Lyrica online Update: The update will be arriving on August 5th.

Splatoon fans are currently awaiting the release of the August 6th update which will add a great deal of new content to the game. The update will contain the following items:

  • New Battle Modes
  • Increased Level Caps
    • Level 50 is now the maximum for Regular Battle mode
    • Rank S and S+ are now the max for Ranked Battle mode.
  • New Gear
    • Slosher – a modified paint bucket used to cover a lot of ground
    • Splatling – a rapid fire Gatling gun based weapon
    • Over 40 clothing options – this includes new shirts, hats, shoes, and even matching outfit pieces

You can look at some of the new update screenshots below.

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