Splatoon Likely to Receive Post-Launch DLC Support

Hisashi Nogami, one of the producers behind Splatoon, revealed plans to keep players interested in the ink-based shooter long after its release on May 29th.

We can’t go into a lot of detail on that today, but we do have some plans to follow up with content to keep interest in the game post-launch. We on the development team are thinking of the launch as a first step of sorts. We hope to add to that in terms of content, and even to the degree that we’re hoping that this will become a franchise that Nintendo can be proud of.

We don’t have the full details on what that content could be, but there are whole range of possibilities, from new clothes for your character to brand new battle stages. Nintendo has received a lot of praise for the way they’ve handled downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8. Critics of Nintendo games’ DLC have noted fair prices and amount of content per pack as strong points.

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