Nintendo Download of the Week: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Yourself

Welcome everybody to another installment of what’s new in the world of Nintendo Downloads. Today might as well have been called major handheld title release day, because every new game for the portable devices are anticipated releases. As obvious as it would be for me to pick something out of this bunch, going for the established franchises isn’t always in the cards for me when it comes to these situations. That being said, let’s see which game made the cut, shall we?

My pick for Nintendo Download of the Week is Blek for the Wii U Download service. It has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone, and is currently available for download in the eShop at the asking price of $5.99. The reason why I picked this title was because it has an interesting touch screen mechanic that puts a twist on how a person can solve puzzles. If you find the idea as intriguing as I do, then by all means download the game as soon as possible.

Not in the mood to relax, don’t worry, there is still one new Wii U Download title, one new Wii U VC title, five discounted Wii U titles, two new 3DS Download titles, three new 3DS Retail Download titles, six discounted 3DS titles, and four new 3DS themes currently available for download. Being famous has a price in Paparazzi. Defend your world from an ultimate evil in Breath of Fire. Your five discounted Wii U titles are Spin The Bottle: Bumpie’s Party ($5.99 until Feb. 26th), Knytt Underground ($6.49 until Feb. 26th), Paper Monsters Recut ($4.99 until Feb. 19th), Zacisa’s Last Stand ($0.69 until Feb. 25th), and Jett Tailfin ($12.99 starting Feb. 15th). Unleash some mayhem on your foes in 3D Fantasy Zone. Another day, another match three puzzle game, that’s the best way I can describe Pong Pong Candy to be honest with you.

As usual, one paragraph won’t do it, so here we go. Relive one of Link’s strangest adventures ever in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. Size doesn’t always matter when you’re playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Become the ruler of the skies in Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+. Your six discounted 3DS titles are Disney Big Hero 6: Battle In The Bay ($19.99 until March 9th), Disney Frozen: Olaf’s Quest ($19.99 until March 9th), 3D Game Collection ($4.99 until Feb. 27th), Funfair Party Games ($6.99 until Feb. 27th), Murder on the Titanic ($5.99 until Feb. 27th), and Battleminer ($7.99 permanently). Finally, your four new 3DS themes are NES: Sword Swinging Link ($1.99), Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Gore Megala and Seregios ($1.99), The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Dire Moon ($1.99), and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Gold Edition ($1.99).

All of this, and more, can be found in the Wii U and 3DS eShops right now, have fun!

Marc Villa
the authorMarc Villa
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