Nintendo Download of the Week: Riding In The Front Seat

Hello everybody, welcome to a long overdue installment of what’s new in the world of Nintendo Downloads. Looks like this series came back at just the right time because there are quite a few quality titles to choose from here. My decision today is going to be a difficult one to say the least. That being said, let’s see what made the cut, shall we?

My pick for Nintendo Download of the Week is Chariot for the Wii U Download Service. It has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone, and is currently available for download in the eShop at the asking price of $14.99. The reason why I chose this one was because I love games that encourage communication between players because it turns co-op play into something special. If you agree with me on this subject, then by all means download the title as soon as possible.

Not up for riding off into battle, don’t worry, there is still one new Wii U Download title, one new Wii U VC title, one new Wii U Retail Download title, five discounted Wii U Download titles, two new 3DS Download titles, one new 3DS VC title, one new 3DS Retail Download title, and four discounted 3DS Download titles available for download. Try not to run into a dead end when playing Maze. See how well the blue bomber does in a turn based RPG in Mega Man Battle Network 2. Watch out for obstacles in Wipeout 3. Your five discounted Wii U titles are Wooden Sen Sey (discounted until January 22nd), Puddle (discounted until January 22nd), Cubemen 2 ($4.99 until January 22nd), Abyss (discounted until January 29th), and 99 Moves (discounted until January 29th). Learn how to become a great artist in Painting Workshop.

As usual, one paragraph won’t do it, so here we go. If you enjoy playing card games alone, then Best of Solitaire is right up your alley. See where a popular boss in Kirby titles got his start in Adventures of Lolo. Unleash some true ninja power in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Finally, your four discounted 3DS titles are Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse ($14.99 until January 22nd), 4 Elements (discounted until April 2nd), Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst (discounted until April 2nd), and Van Helsing Sniper Zx100 ($0.99 until January 29th).

All of this, and more, are currently available for download in the Wii U and 3DS eShops right now, have fun!

Marc Villa
the authorMarc Villa
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