Nintendo Makes Nice Profit, Wii U Sales Improve, and CEO Satoru Iwata is Back at Work

Plenty of good news for Nintendo! After a rough few quarters of financial losses, Nintendo is happy to report an $86 million operating profit for its fiscal second quarter (July to September 2014). This came as a surprise to many business analysts, who estimated a $34 million loss for the game company during that period. This is a big improvement over last year’s financial loss of $426 million that resulted from stagnating Wii U and 3DS sales.

This surprise profit was largely influenced by the release of Mario Kart 8, which also gave Wii U sales a much needed boost. By the end of the second quarter, more than 610,000 Wii U consoles were sold. This is almost double the amount that was sold in the 2nd quarter of 2013.

For the last bit of news, after spending 5 months recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from his bile duct, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata is heading back to his full work duties. He is noticeably thinner than he was before his surgery, but has stated that his weight has stabilized and he feels much healthier now. Because of the surgery, he was not able to attend this year’s E3 and had to spend much of his time resting; however, Satoru Iwata returned as hopeful as ever, claiming that Nintendo still aims to sell 3.6 million Wii U consoles by the end of March 2015.

Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, and the new amiibo figures are expected to be some of the Wii U’s biggest system sellers this holiday season.

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