Bayonetta 2 Demo is Perfect; it’s How All Demos Should Be

On rare occasions after playing a game or watching a TV show or movie I get this tingly sensation that starts from my head and goes down my spine and ends in my mid section. It’s a very difficult feeling to describe; a feeling that makes you proud you own a particular gaming console or media playback device in which you experienced the game, TV show, or movie on. In this particular case, the recent Bayonetta 2 demo on the Wii U left me with that special tingly sensation.

Going into the demo I anticipated something good; I’ve heard great things about it, but like usual, I avoided as much information or gameplay footage until I’ve had the chance to give try it for myself. After playing it two consecutive times, the demo not only lived up to the hype, but it surpassed it in every way imaginable. The demo starts off fast, just like the original Bayonetta game you get a quick how-to tutorial/training room to get you up to speed with the game’s controls and quickly segues into the actual game and right into some heavy action — I’m talking heavy boss battle action that takes some strategy to avoid attacks and land clean shots; ultimately, you want to finish battles with a high mark — The game has a medal type of reward system for each boss battle; stone, bronze, silver, and gold — so the demo definitely has replay value.

The demo looks AMAZING! Seriously, The Wii U has impressed me a few times in the past, but this tops anything I’ve ever seen on the Wii U, Platinum Games really made this game look pretty without having any frame rate issues even during some of the most intense fight scenes in the demo. (The demo itself is 90% heavy intense action by the way) The Wii U showed its horsepower capabilities with this demo; it truly left me blown away by the overall presentation.


I tried out the demo with both the Wii U GamePad and the Pro controller. The Pro controller felt a bit more comfortable out of the two in this case, but that would be a user preference. I’m usually a gamepad guy myself, but I think because of the heavy action and fast button pressing, the pro controller’s smaller built is perfect for this type of game.

I’m going to leave you with this: Game demos are probably one of the toughest things to come up with. Demos can seriously hurt the representation of the final game which in the end, make or break the game sales. The Bayonetta 2 demo is a perfect example of how-to make a game demo that will help the game’s overall popularity. It’s not everyday that game demos put you straight into the action and give you a heavy taste on what to expect in the game and then rips it right off at the point where you are kissing your Wii U. If Demos had review scores, I would give this demo a 10 out of 10. As a matter of fact..Let’s do that..The Bayonetta 2 Demo gets 10 out of 10 from Nintendo247. There…We’ve said it.

If you own a Wii U, go download the demo today! Bayonetta 2 releases on October 24 in NA and EU.

Marc Villa
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