What Were They Thinking: Power Glove

It’s that time once again to look at another failed attempt at entertainment in our ongoing series entitled What Were They Thinking. If anybody is unsure about what’s going on here, we encourage you to check out our introductory article for more information. Today we are going to take a look at a device that tried to introduce motion gaming to the masses, but ended up being a disaster rather than a success in the process. What am I talking about you might ask? Read on to find out.

The second item we are going to talk about today hit the market sometime around 1989 when the NES was the king of the gaming industry. In an attempt to cash in on its success, Nintendo decided that it was time to start coming up with more ambitious ideas — and lo and behold, the Power Glove was born. The Power Glove was the first step in motion gaming that I can remember and to be perfectly honest, it was a step off a cliff.

So where do all of the problems start? Well, let’s take a look at the design of the device first. For starters, it looks like somebody took an arm off of a robot, added an NES controller attachment to it, and then decided to place a numeric keypad on it to make you feel like it was the future. Now on to the sensors; Nintendo’s sensor design looked like a toy speakers attached to a set of old phone cords that could only be held in place near your TV with Duct Tape (at least that’s how the AVGN got it to work anyway). Finally, in order to play any game using this device, the player had to input a specific code in order to get it to work, which anybody with a lack of patience will tell you that it was a waste of time. (“Hey guys, I got the new power glove! “ Great, let’s play! “Hold on, let me input the code”………bye Billy!)

The reason why I brought this story to our reader’s attention was because some people out there might believe that the Wii Remote was the first attempt at Motion Controlled related video games, but it really wasn’t. If anything, the Power Glove laid out the groundwork on what not to do and also proved that unique ideas are great, but without some fine-tuning they will never be successful. This attempt at that glory can be summed up with a quote from the movie The Wizard “It’s Bad, So Bad”.

The Power Glove was a great idea that ended up not being more than the sum of its parts and it’s something that should become more of a distant memory than a fond one.
If you have any stories about this device, or have any other suggestions for this series, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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