J-Bit Retro Is Turning Your Old Nintendo DS Into A New Gameboy Macro

J-Bit Retro is a modding company that will take a broken Nintendo DS, or just an old Nintendo DS that doesnt see much gaming anymore, and turn it into a Gameboy Macro. The Gameboy macro features a backlit screen and custom paint job. To sweeten the deal, they are giving away a free Gameboy Macro at 1000 Facebook Likes!

So what is a Gameboy Macro? A Gameboy Macro is a Nintendo DS that has been converted to be a Gameboy Advance. It only plays GBA games and the hardware itself cannot play any other Gameboy games. A cool looking custom GBA player which fits great in the hands and is the big brother of the GB Micro. Micro = small. Macro = big. See what they did there?

Check them out!


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