If Robin Williams Was A Zelda Character, Who Would He Be?

As many of us know by now, Robin Williams has passed away. While the reasons behind it are not easy to deal with, people cannot deny the fun and joy he brought to the world. Recently, a petition has been going around to have him placed into a Zelda game as a non-playable character. After hearing this, I figured why not honor his memory by talking about what role he could play in this series.

My choices for the types of characters he could be might sound generic to some of you, but honestly, these are just the first ideas that came to mind. He could be a blacksmith who forges weapons for Link, a Wizard who provides the initial tutorial on how to play the game (if we didn’t know how to do that already), or maybe even a store clerk who sells healing potions to Link as well.

Like I said, these probably sound lame, so if you can think of any other characters that he could be, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us about them in the comments below. Remember, this is just for fun, so please try to be as respectful as possible.

Marc Villa
the authorMarc Villa
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