Mario Kart 8 McDonald’s Toys Don’t Require Happy Meal Purchase

where can i buy Gabapentin uk I wanted to share a little something I found out yesterday while attempting to buy a Happy Meal for every Mario Kart 8 toy available at McDonald’s. As you may be aware, McDonald’s partnered up with Nintendo to bring Mario Kart 8 toys in their Happy Meals in the month of July — (find the full Happy Meal/Mario Kart 8 toy schedule here.) I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a Happy Meal, but I figured I buy at least one Mario Kart 8 meal while in McDonald’s yesterday on the way back from a family trip. I ended up getting Luigi. I later went up to the counter and asked if they could sell me another Happy Meal in hopes of getting a different toy and maybe trading it for something else they had at the time. The cashier asked me if I just wanted to buy the toy separately. So apparently the toy can be sold separately. I had no idea. The McDonald’s in Arizona was selling each toy for $1.39, however, I stopped by my McDonald’s in California today and they sell them for $1.79 each.

link I hope that this tip helps someone as “Happy Meal” clueless as me. (I took a shot of my receipt. See below)

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