Wii U After Dark: Pro Controller For $25

Welcome to our first ever Wii U after dark segment. In this segment we will post one last item before calling it a night….Gotcha! Nintendo247 doesn’t call it a night, after all we are Nintendo 24/7 (open 24/7). Wii U after dark will be a short post, usually posted near midnight with one last thought, tip, or idea Wii U related.

Tonight, I have a pretty good deal for y’all. Earlier today I realized that I had some cash in my Play-Asia account, for those that are not familiar with Play-Asia, Play-Asia is an online retailer for entertainment products from Asia. The website sells import games, DVDs, music, CDs, gadgets, books, gaming console accessories, cables and toys. Very reliable. Of course all these products ship from Asia. However, their shipping is rather quick. Think of Play-Asia as the one-stop-shop for gaming imports with occasional deals on certain games or accessories.

Today I noticed that they have the Japanese Wii U Pro controller for only $24.99 (both Black and White) now, wait? Japanese? Yes! The controller will actually work on an American Wii U console it’s NOT region locked.  But heres the catch, you have to buy two to get the best deal possible. Shipping is where the deal sorta falls off ($15 for one controller), however, if you order two controllers the shipping is only (around $18) so my total (I’m in California) came out to $69.00 for two Black Pro controllers. That’s $34.50 each which is a lot cheaper than any other Wii U pro controller deal out there at the moment.

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller (Black)

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller (White)

The site is very reputable and they ship rather quick. Not sure how much longer they will have this deal, but for this price I had to share! Let us know if you pick one or two up. Good night and see you on the next ‘Wii U After Dark’.

Marc Villa
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